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Q. What is Blog? why it is important tool for online business?

1. Blog

A blog is basically just a web site. There are three key differences between traditional
website (homepage) and blog:-

_ Blog is extremely easy to add information to it. A blog is like an online journal, so you
just log in, type what happened today, post it and it is done.

_ You can add a simple little feature that automatically tells a whole bunch of other
website that you have made an update to your blog – every time you make a

_ There is a “comments” system that allows bloggers to have “conversations” with their
readers by allowing visitors to post their own comments or views on the topic of

2. Why blogging is now an important tool for YOUR online business?

_ Reach a wider audience

_ Boost your revenue

_ Generate better search engine ranking

_ Develop relationships with your audience through open communication

_ Build a community of interested followers

_ Humanize your business and let your potential customers feel comfortable buying
from you.

_ Establish yourself as a leading expert in your industry

_ Blogs offer easy-to-use, cost-effective web publishing and content management

3. Year of the blog
Blogging kicked off big style in 2004. It was around for quite a few years before that, but
not really mainstream. The word “blog” certainly couldn’t be found in the pages of a dictionary,
and was only really used in conversations online, by those who were “in the know.”
These days, you hear it everywhere.

Blogging options were fairly limited back then, but as they became more flexible it
became easier to blog on your own terms. Didn’t like the way LiveJournal looked? Change
the look of it. Didn’t like LiveJournal? Learn some basics about File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
and install your own scripts—easily downloaded for free from any number of web
resources (such as or

Up until the last few years, Perl was widely regarded as “the duct tape that holds the
Internet together” and was the principal language in the majority of early blogging scripts.
These days, PHP is taking over as the scripting language of choice, which makes things
more accessible to the beginner because the learning curve is nowhere near as steep.
At the time of writing, there are more options for the blogger than ever, and those options
will only increase and get easier with time.


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