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How to rotate text?

Ans. There are times when, for creative reasons, you’d like to rotate text without rotating the frame in which it resides. Maybe the frame is a bezier path, or maybe it’s just a rectangle. For whatever reason, however, rotating the frame and its content and then using the direct selection tool to manually restore the rotated frame to its original shape and location are too time- consuming. There is a way to accomplish this task quickly using InDesign’s Pathfinder feature.
Rotating text in frames
We start with our text un-rotated and in a bezier frame.Draw a new frame on top and completely within the bounding box of the text frame, as shown in the screenshot at right. It doesn’t matter how big this new frame is, as long as it fits completely inside the original text frame. Text frame that contains text you want to rotate.
The new frame that you draw on top of the first text frame.
Next, Cut the text from the text frame, and paste it into your new frame. Then rotate the new frame to your desired angle, and select both frames.
Rotating text in frames
Using the Pathfinder palette, click on the Add button to combine the two shapes. When the Pathfinder combines multiple shapes with Add function, the stroke, fill, content, angle of rotation and other properties for the resulting shape are taken from the topmost object.


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