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TIP: Two Baseline Grids in One Document

When you want the first line in a custom baseline frame to always line up with the main baseline grid, follow these steps:

1. Set the baseline grid for the document (Preferences > Grids). Let's say the increment is 18 points.
2. Apply the paragraph command Align to Baseline Grid to force the text to align to the document-wide baseline grid.
3. Select the text frame that needs the custom baseline grid. Choose Object > Text Frame Options and click the Baseline Options tab. Set a custom baseline to, say, 12 points.
4. Set the Start of the baseline grid to be 18 points from the top of the frame. When the top of the text frame is positioned along the baseline grid for the main document, the first line of text in the custom text frame will automatically align on the document baseline grid. Then, the rest of the text aligns to the custom baseline grid.

TIP: Update TOCs

The easiest way to create a TOC for a long, structured document is to use InDesign's automatic Table of Contents feature: Create your document, assign unique paragraph styles to the paragraphs you want in the TOC, choose Layout > Table of Contents, and tell InDesign which Paragraph Styles to include in the TOC.

InDesign won't auto-update this TOC when your text or page numbers change, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to manually updating the content yourself. Just choose Layout > Update Table of Contents at any time, and InDesign will make it so.

TIP: Convert RGB Swatches to CMYK

If you import swatches, you may introduce quite a few RGB colors into your four-color print publication file. To quickly convert them, download and run the free RGB to CMYK script from InDesign scripting master Dave Saunders.

Note that the colors may shift significantly because many RGB colors can't be reproduced in CMYK. Also, the printed colors may not match what you see on screen. It's always better to pick CMYK colors from a current printed swatch book.


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