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What does an animation required

Q: What Does An Animation Required

We consider that an animation is hard work, there is so much to think of, and even with all the digital tricks that a computer can do for us.

To make a short animated film. There is quite a list:

-- Starting with the Producer who has an idea …

-- The Writer creates the story and dialog.

-- Casting Agent. The 3D modeler models the characters.

-- Make-up and Costumes. Then chooses materials and maps them onto the characters.

-- Sound records the necessary tracks and times them.

-- The Director decides how best to tell the story in terms of location, shots, transitions, compositions and overall style.

-- The Actors and/or Animal Wranglers work out the performance action, timing and delivery.

-- The Photographer chooses the best camera angle, lens and any camera moves.

-- The Lighting Cameraman places lights to illuminate the scene and create the right mood.

-- The Set Designer and Props will decide what needs to be in shot and what does not, the age, style and entire look of the set.

-- The Special Effects Designer is consulted for any 2D to be added afterwards or projected now, and works out any explosions or particle systems.

-- The Compositor grades the film, matching shots to create an overall smoothness and composites the elements together.

-- The Offline Editor matches shot to shot with the sound, adding new tracks and pacing the film.

-- The Online Editor formats the film, adding titles, credits and removing glitches.

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