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Atack at Manawan Police Training School (Lahore)

Atack at Manawan Police Training School (Lahore)
A ‘terror’ tale by Head Constable
30th march 2009 was the day when this terror act took plac

Mess Incharge of Manawan Police Training Center, Head Constable (HC) Mahboob alam who had locked himself in a room along with other policemen at the ground floor, revealed a horrible tale of terrosists’ killing spree during their seven hours hold of the building.

This scribe remained in close touch with the head constable on his cell phone from 9:00 am till the end of successful commando operation. He kept on informing this scribe about the whole inside situation till the drop scene of the terrorists’ adventure. He was helplessly crying for the security of his colleagues who were left at the mercy of the well-trained terrorists.

Mehboob Alam was preparing for routine duty in his room when he heard hand grenade explosions and massive firing in the ground of the centre. He witnessed some policemen falling on the ground with bullet injuries while some of them were running for shelter.

Stampede-like-situation Began and he witnessed some policemen running desperately to avoid the firing. He then saw some unknown men carrying sports hags on their backs and modern rifles in their hands.

On contracting at around 9:00 am, he told this scribe in broken words that the terrorists had taken hold of the centre. He said some policemen escaped safely and managed to get into his room. He locked hthe room from inside and called on 15 to inform the police about the incident.

He said that he witnessed a group of five armed terrorists who wee opening fire on the policemen. The way they were doing it revealed that they were highly trained and skillful.

They were crying and talking in Punjabi, Mahboob said and then asked this scribe to contact him later.

About physical appearance of the terrorists, he said he could see them properly and has no say about their nationality. He, however, said that they were looking young between the age of 20 to 25.

This scribe again contacted him at around 12:15 pm. Mahboob seemed to be much confident this time and told this scribe that some terrorists had got access to the upper storey of the boulding while a few of them were still doing firing by taking different positions at the ground floor. While lamenting upon the poor resources, he said had the training center force made available with modern weapons they could have easily combat the terror attack. He said he and his other colleagues were observing the terrorists’ movement from the corridors of the building and could easily hit them from the room but failed, as they had not a single rifle at that time. He then switched off his cell phone.

Some minutes later this scribe contacted him repeatedly but his mobile was off.

On contacting again at around 2:00 pm, Mahboob said that massive shootout between the terrorists and the security officials had started. He told about some security personnel taking positions on the roof of the building and disconnected the call.
When contacted again at 2:50 pm, Mahboob said that he heard big explosions at the upper storey of the building where the terrorists were present. He further revealed that the armed men who werer present at the ground floor had also gone to the upper floor. He also told this scribe about the heavy exchange of fire and disconnected the call again.
Some minutes later when this scribe contacted again, Mahboob was looking very happy. He said that the police commandos had entered the premises of the building and he was standing under the security of the commandos.

He said that he was also taking part in the operation as the police commandos were marching towards the upper storey of the building where the terrorists were hiding and disconnected the call.

Around 30 minutes later he said that the operation had been completed successfully, when this scribe asked him about the terrorists, Mahboob said that he had visited the room along with the commandos that the third floor of the building but found nothing except terrorists body pieces as they had ended their lives by blowing themselves up.

He revealed that all the terrorists gathered in the room and had blown themselves up at around 2:30 pm.

About the arrest of any terrorist, he said, no armed man was arrested during or at the end of the commando operation.


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