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What is High-Profile Article Marketing?

As you probably know, article marketing is one of the best ways to drive highly-targeted traffic to your website. However, if you re-focus your efforts towards high-profile article marketing can generate 10x as much traffic.
Instead of submitting your articles to article directories, you submit them to the top websites and blogs in your market.
So, for example, if you have a blog about sports, you could submit your articles to , one of the most popular sports websites online. If you have a website about weddings, you could submit articles to
If you have a website about parenting, you could submit articles to
If you have a website about finance, you could submit articles to

Are you starting to get the idea here? No matter what market you’re in, there are very popular websites that you could be submitting articles to for massive traffic.
The list below is a gold mine for building a list of thousands of subscribers. If you published just ONE really good article every day to the following websites, and had a good call to action in your resource box that sent people to your squeeze page, then you would have a highly responsive list of AT LEAST 1,000 subscribers by the end of the month.
for “make money online” and they are looking for guest bloggers! (Submit your articles in the Marketing or SEO sections. This site will sendtraffic directly to your blog or website. So you will need to have a website set up to submit your articles
here. But they can drive hundreds of visitors to your site.)
The following is a list of sites where you can syndicate your articles. (Submit all of your articles to blog carnivals for extra traffic.)


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